Adobe Target Bookmarklets

Desktop Instructions:

  1. "Click and Drag" these links to your browser's Bookmark toolbar or folder to add them as bookmarklets.
  2. Go to a page with Adobe Target and click the bookmarklet.

iOS Instructions:

  1. Create a new Bookmark
  2. Change the Title to "Adobe Debugger" and Save it
  3. Select and Copy all of the code below to get it on your clipboard
  4. Open your Bookmarks and click "Edit"
  5. Select the "Adobe Debugger" bookmark to Edit it
  6. In the Address field, remove the URL and paste the code you Copied in Step 3
  7. Now go to any page with Adobe Marketing Cloud tags. While on that page, open the Adobe Debugger bookmark to launch a new browser window and showing you all of the Adobe Marketing Cloud calls made on your page.
  8. It might not be apparent that a new browser window opened, so be sure to view all of the open windows on your device